Blog Updates: Syntax Highlighing and Tags


I am very behind on blog content, so let’s milk the shoddy construction of this blog for everything it’s worth. :)

Syntax Highlighting in Asciidoc Templates

My blog has supported syntax highlighting since the beginning with eleventy-plugin-syntaxhighlight, but only in Markdown documents. This made my recent blog post on Rust zip iterators look not so great. By copy-pasting from following a very helpful blog post, that right has been wronged:

print("Hello, world!")

Improved Tag Integration

I have begun to better integrate tags into the blog. They now show up in the header of every weblog post and media consumption page; they use similar CSS to that of my navigation bar with the addition of some nice badge CSS from W3Schools. When you click on a tag, you navigate to its page, generated using 11ty’s pagination functionality. I got some extra help from their quick tip page on tag pages and their base-blog template. Finally, I have added a "Tags" link to the navbar, which has all the tags in one place; this page is also based on another from base-blog.

I intend to "backtag" all previous posts soon.