Blogging in June Status Update: Blogging Daily is Hard


My challenge to get this blog set up and post a thing every day has certainly… been going.

Getting the Weblog Set Up

This part has gone quite swimmingly. I love the theme of the blog, it looks fire on mobile, and cool features I want to add like data logging through media consumtpion and tagging are really coming together. Whenever I am networking with someone, I finally now have a place I can tell them to go to in order to learn more about me that’s significantly more approachable than my GitHub. There is more stuff I want to do, like log more of my media consumption habits, add a résumé page, add OpenGraph metadata, get images and video set up, and much more. All of those things should be a lot of fun to add, and should make for good posts, but I don’t want everything I write here to be "meta"-tagged. Speaking of posting…

Writing Daily is Hard, Man

Part of this is just my environment. I’m starting to get into the flow of working a 9 to 5 again, my high school won’t let me go, the onboarding process for my college is quite laborious, and a bunch of "adulting" stuff is randomly popping onto my list of priorities. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

Part of it is also me. I’m very scatterbrained when left to my own devices, I leave writing these dang things to too late in the night, I lack a good system for writing articles away from my desktop, and I’m not using my weekend to develop a backlog of articles.

Plus, in order to write daily, you need to have a balance between long and short-form content. The former is easy to write over multiple days or a weekend, but then if you spend your entire day writing a long blog, you then have no post. If you focus only on writing short-form content, you then run out of ideas that can be explored in a few hours and then will end up creating a dry streak, which I’m in right now. It’s been 10 days, and, including this post, I’ll only have 6 posts.

To me, the solution is clear: just spend more time writing, man! I’ll have to work on getting to a level of consistency I’m happy with. :) I also need to lower my standards for a post just a smidge more; if I am out of ideas at 11PM, I need to do that one exercise in English class where you just keep writing out your mind, even if the only thing on the dome is "I can’t think of anything." I also plan to mine some more Discord conversations to see if any of them will make good writing; I have a habit of writing paragraphs when communicating in text channels. :)

The Future™

After June is over, I’m definitely going to move to a "write at least two posts a week" schedule unless I both hae a breakthrough in efficiency and really enjoy doing this. We shall see.